New furniture can revamp your home this Autumn

Bespoke Living Room Furniture
Peter Garrett
Author: Barry Martin | Furniture Designer
Date: 1st October 2019
Categories: Bedrooms, Contemporary, Wood, Traditional, Painted

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

The arrival of Autumn can often make us feel differently about our home as we retreat from the garden and outdoor living, to wanting to find cosy areas inside. Suddenly we discover that our space isn’t big enough and we start to scrutinise the décor. Barry Martin Homewood Furniture's Designer gives some top tips and ideas on how you can revamp each room to increase space and add interest to the décor

Introducing new furniture and storage solutions can help solve frustrations about lack of space and refresh the interior of your home. Here are a few suggestions for how you can revamp each room to increase space and add interest to the décor without having to totally redecorate your home.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes

For those who have children back at school, having a study area means you can claim back your kitchen table - and they have a place to concentrate. It is possible to make room for a desk in the smallest of bedrooms by having floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes which make use of all the vertical space. It You might be able to substitute the chest of drawers for a desk if you have extra room in a wardrobe for shelving and drawers.  A popular choice is to have fitted wardrobes either side of a desk with shelving overhead.

Custom built shelving  

Creating extra storage space with custom made wardrobes can accommodate winter clothes which are often much bulkier. You can easily carve out some space at the end of your wardrobe or under a hanging rail for some open shelves. This provides an ideal storage space for neatly folded jumpers and fleeces.

Built in entertainment units

Make use of all the available wall space within your living room by introducing a display unit. A cleverly designed built in unit can create a home for all your entertainment systems, a tv screen and introduce places to display books and ornaments. Back lighting on shelving can further enhance the look of the furniture and create more interest.

Home studies

If you don’t have a spare room which you could use for your home study, consider creating a workspace in a corner of a room or use redundant space - like under the stairs. A desk which has been made to measure will make full use of the available space - for example, a curved desk will give you a wide corner to place the monitor and keyboard.

Changing your furniture can completely transform the appearance of your home. It creates new space and the opportunity for ambient lighting, decorative objects and a more organised way of living. Autumn is a great time to make this transition so you can enjoy the comfort of your home even more this winter.

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