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  • How to create more storage space in your home

    Barry Martin
    Author: Barry Martin
    Date: 1st December 2019
    Categories: Home studies, Bedrooms

    Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

    The excitement builds, the presents are wrapped under the tree, Christmas Day arrives and suddenly there is a big pile of extra items but no space to put them. Does this sound familiar? Barry Martin, Homewood Furniture's Designer, gives you some ideas on how to create storage and display areas within your home.

    Finding homes for all the presents you and your family have received can be challenge but there is no need to panic – or think you need to move house – there are some very clever storage ideas which can be created. 

    If you are looking to increase storage space within the bedroom, then consider these ideas. You can double your hanging space within a wardrobe by adding a second rod or you could introduce a shelving system which is great for jumpers and tops that can be folded. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can also ask for draws and extra compartments for shoes. You would not believe how much space can be created with a clever design, for example, a floor to ceiling wardrobe makes use of all the vertical space available. 

    The beauty of opting for custom built furniture is that every space can be utilised, for example, the area under a window can be turned into an attractive seat which has storage underneath. You can also get rid of unsightly plastic storage boxes and instead have lovely wooden chests or shelving units. 

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  • Home working is easier with bespoke furniture

    Paula Nakhai
    Author: Paula Nakhai
    Date: 1st October 2019
    Categories: Home studies, Contemporary

    Home working  is easier with bespoke furniture

    With the dark evenings and difficult winter driving conditions approaching, now is a good time to consider a home office or study for those days you want to work at home. Even with the smallest space available within your home, it is possible to create a working area with bespoke furniture says interior designer Paula Nakhai from Homewood Furniture.

    According to a new study released early this year by the TUC to mark National Work from Home Day, the number of homeworkers has increased by a fifth over the last decade. However, not all of us have the ideal set up at home to work - for example, a kitchen table or the sofa might provide a short-term solution, but in an ideal world most of us would prefer a home office or study.

    A spare room can easily be transformed into a stylish home office or study but, before you rush off to your nearest furniture store with a tape measure, have a good think about what other options are available, for example, bespoke furniture. For you to be productive it is important to have an area which is designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing – after all, this has to be a place where you are happy to spend time.

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